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Inqnest offers the full suite of services for both B2B and B2C clients. Our services are backed by world class human resources and best-in-class tool base along with an in-depth understanding of the industry best practices


How we design our solutions

Each of our customized solutions is built on a five-layered foundation

OUR solution landscape

We offer comprehensive solutions at each stage of our clients' customer acquisition cycle.

OUR solution landscape


Engage with your audience one-on-one, with targeted messages matched to their need. Reduce marketing waste. Fill up the funnel fast.

Increase your campaign ROI by deploying highly-targeted campaigns outfitted with ultra-personalized content. With our advanced audience hypertargeting solutions & our veteran in-house creative agency, we can deploy high-performing campaigns at a global scale for a price that makes sense for your business.
Have your customers come to you instead of you having to hunt them down in the wild. Our inbound marketing solutions combine robust content marketing, social media services, events, SEO, and much more to create brand awareness and an organic pull that draws hordes of high-converting customers to your company.
We help you see the customer journey through your customers'eyes. Our data-powered solutions orchestrate seamless, integrated, and consistent experiences across every channel. Track customer behavior with hard data, tailor your strategy for each specific contact, and make decisions with the full picture in mind.


Win customers through a consultative, value-based approach, supported by efficient sales enablement content. Reduce the sales cycle. Improve conversion rates.

By combining a suite of hypertargeted marketing platforms with a range of proprietary tools & technologies, Inqnest enables your sales teams to sell at scale better than ever before.
Setting up sales contact centers yourself is both costly and a logistical nightmare. Inqnest helps you deploy global teams that are well-trained and operate at a low cost through a combination of continuous process optimizations and a toolbox packed with advanced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning-driven technology solutions.
Inqnest can help you optimize the your customers' experiences on both web & mobile platforms so that you increase conversion rates while avoiding hazards such as cart abandonment, slow-load times. Our highly-skilled specialists will work closely with your own technical team to develop personalized solutions that make sense for you.


Begin your relationship with your customers on the right note, with an empathetic onboarding process. Reduce the possibility of churn. Increase product usage and revenue.

Your effectiveness at onboarding determines how much customer churn your company has. Inqnest helps you map their onboarding journey and design solutions that encourage deeper & broader use, as well as introduce new innovations on both online and offline channels to increase stickiness & retention down the road.
Inqnest enables you to deploy global teams at scale to handle higher volumes of support requests at lower costs. By continuously tracking customer behavior, we can help you deploy solutions such as NLP-enabled bots over both voice & text and self-serve support sites for common requests so that your team can focus on the big ticket items.
Understanding how your customer is using your products or services is essential when it comes to revenue maximization. Regalix teams can help you understand customer needs, predict & resolve issues before they happen, as well as link strategically with other business units to plan a specific success strategy for all your key accounts.


Keep your customers happy by helping them renew on time, upselling the appropriate product, based on their usage pattern. Reduce revenue leakage. Increase ARPU.

Inqnest helps you reduce churn rates by initiating the renewals cycle over 120 days in advance to make sure your customers stay under contract and continue using your products & services. We help handle license & subscription renewals, maintenance & support contract renewals, as well as warranty extensions.
Maximize every opportunity by identifying up-sell & cross-sell opportunities early. We help you forecast which customers are more likely to pay more within the same product or service family, as well as which customers are more likely to purchase something complementary, allowing you to personalize your strategy for each case.
Let your customers advocate for you and reward them for their loyalty with a range of promotional campaigns that are designed to capitalize on high-value opportunities. Our solutions lead to higher organic growth, as well as better customer retention metrics that encourage increased engagement with your brand.